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WinAlpine Summer Race Camp

Mt Hood




This is the Scott Winquist / Win Alpine 21st Annual Summer Ski Racing Camp.  The camp is based in Government Camp, Oregon.  It is designed to be the most comprehensive summer ski camp with an emphasis on modern slalom and G.S. techniques.  We conduct training at Timberline Ski Area, boasting the best snow and training facilities in North America.  Mt. Hood is the preferred training site of all European World Cup and National teams.   The camp is open to any level.  We are a hands-on camp with 24 hour supervision, coaches’ stay in the condos with the athletes.  The camp does dryland everyday, including many hikes into the Mt. Hood National Forest.

Regular session dates: June 20-30, 2018 *extended session ends July 5, 2018*
Early Sign up Discount! Pay in Full by 4/15 and take $125.00 off

Camp Features

  • All condos are privately owned
  • 1 – 5 coach to athlete ratio on the hill
  • Family environment – personal coaching
  • Most up to date digital video, each athlete has their own daily video session.
  • Daily off campus activities include hiking, swimming, soccer, etc…
  • Ski testing is available from Fischer, Rossignal, Volkl and Blizzard
  • Private chefs that prepare three square meals per day.  We also provide juice breaks.
  • Personal pick up and drop off to and from the airport
  • We pride our camp for it’s personal attention
  • We have many referrals, feel free to contact us.

Camp Mission Statement

Providing the athlete with the most up to date slalom and GS technique, four days slalom and four days of GS, with world class coaches, one on one personal attention and an experience they will remember for a lifetime.     

Off Campus Activities

These are the activities we will be doing daily as well as on our days off:  white water rafting ($60.00 charge), trips to the ocean, crabbing, Portland’s Saturday Market, hiking, and basketball. All of these activities were conducted at last year’s June camp.  We realize the importance of recovery and we give this time to the athletes, we also believe in giving the opportunity to see the Pacific Northwest.  NOTE:  Athletes are responsible for any off-day expenses.  


This year, we will be staying at the Thunderhead Lodge, Collin’s Lake Resort, and Altitude Chalet.  All units have heated pools, laundry facilities, wireless internet and wax rooms. 


Our cook, Kristine Winquist will provide three meals a day, plus a juice break for the mountain; no other camps provide this service. New this year, meals on the day off will be provided, BBQ style.  

New Arrival Option

If you can’t make the June 20 arrival, you can arrive on June 25 and depart on July 5.  This still gives you an eight day ski with one day off.

Extended Stay

This is the 7th year we are doing an extended stay; it has proven to be very productive.  It’s a great opportunity to continue the progression of slalom and GS.  Last year half of the camp stayed for the extra days.  The extended stay allows the athlete 12 days on snow with two days off, an exceptional value.

Camp Pricing & Flight Information

June 20 – June 30 (eight day ski, one day off and two travel days) _________________$2495.00

June 25 – July 5 (eight day ski, one day off and two travel days)___________________$2495.00

June 20 – July 5 (12 day ski, two days off and two travel days) ____________________$3395.00

Travel Day June 20, 10:00 am – 4:00 pm, if possible - Arrival

Travel Day June 25, 10:00 – 4:00 pm, if possible - Arrival

Travel Day June 30, in the morning - Departure

Extended Stay Travel Day July 5, in the morning - Departure

Application and deposit are due June 5th for the June camp

Please keep in mind that these camps are filled on a first come, first serve basis.  We have been fortunate for the past 18 years to fill our camps by May.  

Early Sign Up Discount

Pay for camp in full by April 15, and take $125.00 off the camp price.  Application must accompany payment.

          Daily Training Schedule

Daily training will consist of four days on the mountain followed by one day off of the mountain followed by four days on, weather permitting.  We’ll train four days of slalom and four days of GS. The average day schedule is as follows:

On Hill Training _________________________________________________7 AM to 1 PM

Lunch and Rest Period ___________________________________________1:30 PM to 3 PM

Ski Test Prep_____________________________________________________1PM to 3PM

Dryland Training (hiking to waterfalls, swimming, weight lifting, yoga) ______3 PM to 5 PM

Dinner ________________________________________________________6PM to 6:30PM

Camp Meeting______________________________________________6:30 PM to 7:30 PM

Video_____________________________________________________7:30 PM to 8:30 PM

Free time____________________________________________________8:30 to 10:00PM

Lights out__________________________________________________________10:00 PM

The Win Alpine Difference


Win Alpine ski camps have some big differences compared to many of the other summer ski camps and we’d like to share some of them with you so that you make an informed decision on who you’d like to do your summer training with.

Running a summer camp is a huge commitment to do correctly and to make financially feasible.  We realize that we are one of the higher priced camps at Mt. Hood, but as anyone who has participated in our camp in the past will tell you, we put that money right back into the betterment of the camp.  This is what really separates us from the rest.



We have nine USSA certified coaches.  They were handpicked because we feel they are the best.  We have been doing summer camps for 17 years and trust us; we know what is good and what is average. Securing our head coach  and our elite coach, Scott Meyers took a long time.  These two gentlemen are some of the most sought after coaches in the business.  They both truly have a command of ski language, they hear, see and understand the athlete’s needs and can make quite difference the athlete’s skiing.  They are not just weekend coaches

Having nine coaches and 30 athletes is a 3.33 coach/athlete ratio, no one else does that.  This does come with a cost, to get the best of the best; you need to bring the money to the table, but the entire staff is overwhelmingly worth it.  Having nine coaches on staff offers a lot.  In the morning from 6:30 – 8:30, four of these coaches are setting up our training arena.  The other five coaches are working with the athletes starting at 7:00 am which is the best time for the athletes to free ski for an hour while the training is set.  Other camps cannot afford to have a staff of nine; this doesn’t give them the flexibility for their athletes to train at 7:00 with their coaches. 



We book two lanes everyday to allow us more vertical feet, top to bottom.  This is very expensive, but well worth it.  Our lanes are already booked for both camps.  Doing it early gives us the best terrain possible.  We have reserved the Magic Mile which is the most coveted terrain at Hood.  They only have seven spots and can only be used in May and June which is why we train June 20 – 30 (and early July) because it is the best snow.  A lot of salt is needed but it is well worth the cost as the Magic Mile is great for balance drills, hero gates, Mountain GS, etc…



Salt is a very precious and yet very expensive commodity for summer skiing, yet is needed in order for us to get in quality training.  Last year, we averaged 30 bags of salt per day, more than any other camp.  We use so much more because we like to train until 12:00, most other camps shut down at 10:30 – 11:00 because the snow starts to soften and they don’t want to spend the money on more salt.  We also continue to throw salt throughout the day to assure premium conditions.  We actually hire two laborers just to throw salt.  No one else does that because of the cost of $56.00 a day for a lift ticket just to put a body on the hill.



Our camp rents five privately owned condos, each condo sleeps eight people.  Coaches stay in the condos with the athletes for supervision.  The town of Government Camp has only three pools and we rent at all three places.  Our housing is all in gated communities.  Each athlete has their own bed, housing is very comfortable.  When camps keep everyone under the same roof it does not allow for separation between boys and girls.


Daily Activities

Each day from 3:00 – 5:30, we do different activities such as playing soccer, work on strength and balance, Swiss balls, minor weight lifting, and most of all hikes – the hikes require travel to the cool stuff like to waterfalls, lakes, etc…  Activities are a very important routine of the camp.  Campers do get a rest period form 1:00 – 3:00 each day.  Most camps just run around Government Camp because they don’t rent the necessary vehicles needed for athlete transportation.  Just to use the soccer fields, you have to book one of the two fields ahead of time, drive down the mountain to them, have insurance and it also requires a trail pass – all of which takes money.  All of our activities are already planned out and booked.



The Win Alpine Summer camp is eight days on snow, or you can do and extended option which is 12 days on snow and is well worth it.  Running a camp with the eights days on snow alone, comes with so much more of a cost, we also offer one day off (which is needed) in that eight day ski.  A lot of the camps just hang around Government Camp on their days off and chill.  We do not do this because we want the athletes to experience the Pacific Northwest.  On our day off, we travel 1 ½ hours north to Washington and white water raft the White Salmon River which is a class 3 – 5 river.  This is an experience that the athletes love and talk about throughout the rest of the camp.  Other camps don’t really do trips like this because their coaches want a day off and don’t want to spend the money on fuel, plus you then have to pay the coaches for an entire day.  We require our coaches to accompany us on these trips, it helps build great relationships between the athletes and the coaches. 



Our camp hires two of their own chefs.  They prepare four square meals per day; most other camps do two, or three.  One of the meals is a sack lunch for the athletes to take on the hill with them because they train so long; they need to replace the calories they burned throughout the morning.  Having our own chefs also allows for us to take excellent care of special dietary needs, it is expensive, but well worth it. 


Win Alpine does not Co-op our camps, or use anyone else’s liability insurance.  We are solely our own entity.  Liability insurance alone is over $2000.00 for the two weeks we are out at Hood.  The liability insurance is a requirement in order to train on Mt. Hood.  This is our 18th year hosting camps at Hood, more than any other camp from Michigan with the exception of Hurricane Racing.  Because of this experience, we know what works best.  We only take 30 athletes out to camp which is a perfect number for Hood.


Any Questions Call......Bob 248-241-6509 or Scott 616-490-2656