About Us

– Vertical Drop Ski Shop is home to training technology traditionally only available to professional skiers.  Vertical Drop Ski Shop has a SkyTechSport Ski Simulator (www.skytechsport.com) that combines smart sensor technology and virtual reality to create the effects of an actual ski slope.


The simulator, traditionally only available to professional skiers including the U.S. Olympic Ski Team, includes a pair of skis, or snowboard, mounted to rails on a lateral surface. The equipment allows skiers to move like they would on the slopes and includes the optional addition of ice, racing gates, moguls and powerful G-forces. Through a series of sensors and a virtual reality computer system, the skiers experience a virtual ski environment.  The simulator can be tuned for various levels of ski and snowboarding – from beginners to Olympic racers.


“I wanted to bring something unique and exciting to skiers in Michigan,” said Bob Thomas. “Helping customers truly become better skiers is what sets ski shops apart. The SkyTechSport simulator takes training to an entirely new level for kids and adults who are committed to the sport, or just want to become a better skier.” 


Vertical Drop’s SkyTechSport Simulator is the only in-store version in the country and is available to anyone.  The simulator will benefit those who aren’t ski racers, too.  The technology is ideal for beginners to get the “feel” of skiing, as well as those recovering from an injury.


“There is that tricky time when a patient is done with formal physical therapy, but not quite ready to get back on skis,”  said Robb Aikens, physical therapist and co-owner of Health Quest Physical Therapy and Medical Fitness.  “The SkyTechSport simulator opens up a whole new opportunity to get back to peak performance on the hill as quickly and safely as possible.  You can simulate the physical demands of carving turns in a safe, controlled environment.”


Sessions on the SkyTechSport Ski Simulator can be purchased individually, or as a bundle. Sessions last 30 minutes on average.


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