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With the unique MONTANA High-Tech Tuning (HTT) system, the steel edges on the base side are tuned in a lightly hanging form at an angle of approx. 0.5°- 0.8° and finely polished. The specially developed tuning stones are set at a precisely defined angle with the dressing tool. TUNING PRESSURE CURVE The contact pressure can be varied in 10 segments to allow particularly even tuning. Reducing the pressure (e.g. in the bindings area) has proved to be worthwhile. RADICAL TUNING With this special process, the skis are more strongly tuned in the wider areas, i.e. at the tips and tails, so that the edges hang more noticeably. In the bindings area, the edges are ground to be less hanging. In this way, the edge angle varies over the entire length of the ski, but is optimally aligned with the width of the ski. Through Radial Tuning, the skis and snowboards are noticeably easier to turn and the edge grip under the bindings is improved considerably. The skier/boarder can interrupt a started curve at high speed without the worry of falling. right ski boot, an exact 3D scan of the feet is carried out. This means that not only the length and width, but also the complete shape of the foot is precisely determined. An appropriate choice of the right boots can be made based on this analysis. In the Virtual Try-on the boot is then placed over the scan. Any potential pressure points are identified and visualized. Should a modification be required, one of the two fitting technologies VACUUM ZONE FIT or VACUUM FULL FIT is chosen

. VACUUM ZONE FIT enables an uncompromisingly exact fitting of the shell to the individual anatomy of the foot – in exactly those places where it is necessary. First, the pressure points determined in the 3D scan are identified and analyzed. In the forming process silicone pads are placed on the shell and the Heating Pads are activated. There is then a partial customization of the shell to the individual foot shape to achieve the optimum fit. VACUUM FULL FIT PROCESS enables a complete fitting of the shell through VACUUM 2Zone for maximum individuality and optimum fit. In Fischer's VACUUM FULL FIT process, the shell is heated to 80°C before you step inside the shell with the boot liner. The Cooling and Compression Pad is put on and the standing position is fixed. Fischer has developed the VACUUM Station especially for this purpose. It is the heart of the fitting process. Compressed air is used to shape the entire boot ideally to match the foot – and the boot retains this shape once it has cooled down. 






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